Jeans for Tall Women: New York Magazine

About two weeks ago, a writer by the name of Chloe Anello reached out to me about a segment on Jeans for tall women in New York Magazine’s “the strategist”. I excitedly accepted and gave my input on online stores that have some of my favourite pairs. I was so happy to be a part of it along with other lovely tall ladies! Thirteen ladies were interviewed and many suggestions were offered from Fashion Nova, ASOS, GAP etc. It’s about time that tall women (from curvy to slim) get their shine. We are often neglected in the jeans and shoe department, so it is nice to be acknowledged in this way! Being a Tall women is such a catch 22, on one end we are glorified amazon queens and on the other hand, we are sometimes forgotten or immediately dubbed as “masculine” or WNBA prodigies (especially if you’re over 6’0). I’m here to tell my tall ladies that you are seen (literally lol), you are beautiful, and you are loved.

Here is the link to the article:

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