Keto Week 2: ALMOST clean Keto

Hello lovelies! Welcome back to a weekly keto update. My week was alright! I had a hiccup on Saturday though. I attended a 90’s Nostalgia music festival which was amazing, but ended up ordering fish and chips.

90’s Nostalgia Fest was a blast :’)

I ate about ½ of the chips and most of the fish. I felt a slight twinge of guilt, but I scoffed it off since it had been my ONLY carbohydrates for this week! That in itself is a feat after the slow start the week prior. At work, the temptations (a.k.a yummy treats) were politely declined or… accepted but then sneakily given to another co-worker because I’m way too nice. The focus this week was on the big “Why”.


Why do I want to be on Keto/Why do I want to lose weight? It wasn’t a forced ritual that I implemented before I ate anything, but it was more a lingering sense of purpose that I need for such a drastic change in what/ when I eat. Sugar is a huge one for me because it is so addictive and in everything! Every week I would over indulge on sweet treats; cookies, brownies, pastries you name it!

This is what my internal dialogue looked like this week:

Esther politely accepts cookies from generous co-worker, but then gives them away to someone else: you have been doing well and great job on not eating those cookies! You have sugar free cheesecake waiting for you at home anyways! You keep saying that you want to curb those sugar cravings and look at you go!

Physically, I feel less bloated (my mum said my little pudge is slowly going away!), and my right knee pain was less prominent. I did however get a few headaches which is very rare for me. Painkillers did the trick, but I’m going to assume it has to do with the no sugar part. The withdrawals are so so real. All I dream about is pastries. Warm pastries. I also felt a little weaker during my work outs! Those carbohydrates alway came in handy before an intense workout, so I definitely felt depleted without my usual banana before the gym. I’m working on finding alternative (and keto-friendly) pre-workout snacks.

So this week I lost *drum roll*….3.6lbs/1.6Kg To make a total of 6.6lbs lost so far! I’m actually quite happy even if it is slow and steady. I’m in the teens! I haven’t seen that in a while. In the upcoming weeks I will also start taking pictures.

cause I got HIGH HIGH HOPES!

Workout wise I focused on abs, arms, back, and skipping! I missed ballet this week and had another headache on Sunday morning, but I made it to the gym and took it super slow.

The goal for this week is to slowly introduce intermittent fasting. I will go into more detail for week 3’s blog post, but essentially the plan is to eat in an 8 hour window. I would wake-up and fast till noon, and eat my meals until 8PM. Thank you for reading! xoxo

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