Keto Week 1: a beautiful disaster

Monday June 10th; it is a gloomy day outside, I’m on antibiotics for Strep Throat, the raptors are in the NBA finals, and I decided to start my Keto journey! I’ve embraced my tall, strong, and thick frame for the past 5 years, but I’m ready to become even better. What is Keto? In a nutshell it is a very low-carb/high fat diet/lifestyle. Oh and no sugar too. eek. Instead of running on glucose, you are running on fat! Your body is therefore, in a state of ketosis. S C I E N C E.


Numerous reasons. I’m working towards being a lean, flexible machine. I want to lose weight, curb those sugar cravings, and eat a lot more greens. Lifting heavy weights is fun and all, but I’ve always admired upper body strength, flexibility, and OVERALL fitness. Think of a dancer, kick-boxer, or endurance runner (There is a reason my Lara Croft is my hero).

I know what sugars and simple carbs do to my body…and it is never a good thing. From bloating, weight gain, and breakouts, sugars/carbs have literally done nothing for me except bring me temporary joy from the devilishly yummy treats.


I’m weighing in at a whopping 226lbs or for my South African/English/Metric folks 102KG. I do however, wear it well. Everything is evenly proportioned because I’m 6 foot tall, and it compliments my pear shape. I do however, get knee/joint pains and unnecessary bloating. Though my legs can pretty much squat The Rock himself, I feel heavy. I

‘m basically aiming to get to what I was accustomed to in South Africa. Obviously 16 is not 26, there are things I just have to accept. However, I loved that I could switch from Tennis, to track because I had that endurance, energy, and conditioning. Nowadays I’m always tired! This is why I am making the commitment to change, and this blog will act as my very own accountability buddy.


Food wise, I’m focusing on chicken and veggies this week. I’ve prepared a classic Greek salad and roasted BBQ chicken thighs for lunches at work, I’m making sugar-free cheesecake muffins, and replacing one meal with a berry smoothie.

Workout wise, I’m aiming to go to the gym 4-5 days this week with a focus on building up my endurance. Skipping, jogging, high incline walks, and stretching.

Leg workout on Saturday!


Whoa. This week didn’t go as planned! It is now Sunday June 16th, and wheww chile this transition will be much harder than I thought. I had done the necessary meal prep for my lunches, but at work sweet treats are always being passed around, and sometimes we have meetings which include free meals. I caved!! In moderation (phew).

This week I had a Shawarma, a brownie, chocolates, and waffles for Father’s day breakfast this morning! I still made sure I had salads and fruit smoothies. I drink at least 2L of water everyday, and went to the gym three times along with one ballet class. I made sure to have at least 1 full Keto meal a day. All in all, I lost a total of 3LBS/1.3KG! **insert laughing emoji** . I’m assuming it is just water weight, so I’m not getting too excited!

I’m not at all disappointed or frustrated; in fact I’m happy that I’m becoming increasingly aware of how disciplined I really need to be at work and at home. Instead of going cold turkey, I’m listening to my body and implementing the process of elimination; Carbs in one meal instead of all for example.

For week 2, my goal is to focus more on the “Why” and my end goal. Stay tuned for week 2!

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