Little things you can do TODAY to get your life together

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So it is only the second week of January, and hopefully you are feeling refreshed (I hope you took a break and enjoyed your holidays!) You are settling down to what is your routine whether it be school or work but you feel a slight twinge of stress as you go over your upcoming weeks and your new year’s resolutions (or is it just me hehe). In the first week of January, I felt overwhelmed as I got back to my job in busy Toronto; I don’t know what it was, a mixture of eagerness to start bumping off those resolutions with the anxiety of knowing that I needed to schedule so many appointments, meetings, buy this and buy that, while paying for bills that I skimmed over the Christmas holidays- you catch my drift. It’s Friday night on January 4th at 8:42PM as I type this, I’m a little bit calmer and I have a slight grip over the upcoming weeks and I attribute it all to taking baby steps into CALMING THE HECK DOWN.

Here are the little things I did to to get my life together for a seamless month and (and hopefully, year!)

  1. Get a new journal! Getting a fresh new journal/agenda for the new year will help you get organized a little quicker! Go to your nearest bookstore, general store etc. and get one that that suits your style and personality.
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    2.  Create a schedule!

Using google docs (or any other software!) or good old pen and paper, draft out a general weekly schedule that you can easily access, and adjust. Organizing your week can get you right on track to achieve your goals no matter how small or big, help you plot down social events, assignments due etc. Seeing it and being able to edit it on the go will give you breathing room and let you plot down what your priorities are! Mine include the gym, writing, content creation, seeing friends and even…relaxation! (you would be surprised how much we neglect ourselves)

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3. Clean up your space!

After a hectic day, the last thing you want to return to is a messy living space. Once or twice a week, clean your bedroom and bathroom and opt for that deep clean once a month!. You will find that coming home to a clean space allows for more productivity, and an overall improved mood.

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4. Prepare your clothes/food the night before!

It sounds easy but it took YEARS for me to get it right. Planning your outfits and lunches the night before really makes that difference the morning after. Getting ready doesn’t feel like a chore, and for the first time in a long time….you are on time.

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5. Make a list of appointments that need to get done!

This can take on different areas of your life/can be in accordance to your specific goals! For me personally it is seeing financial advisor, going for that physical I’ve been neglecting, and researching/contacting different talent agencies. Making this list of crucial appointments that need to be made and putting it up where you can see it, will take it out of your head *(because let’s be real, it can get a tad stressful in there), and put it out there so that you can eventually take those necessary steps.

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6. Take the time to be grateful for what you already have and what is to come…

Every night before going to bed, say a little thank you for the things you do have including your health, a roof over your head etc. and thank you for what is to come. Being in a state of gratitude will not only bring you this beautiful sense of peace, but will allow you to put into perspective the more important things in your life.

If you are a Christian, say a little prayer and talk to God, thank him, ask him for guidance, and put any stress that you feel you can’t handle on him.

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There you have it! I hope these tips help you ease into 2019 without you looking and feeling like a ball of stress.


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