What we are leaving in 2018 and welcoming in 2019

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It’s that time of the year again, where we reflect on the good, the bad and the ugly that was 2018. We whip out a fresh notepad, and furiously pen down what we want and need 2019 to be.

We struggled in 2018. We hustled and bustled. We lost friendships, jobs, loved ones. We were anxious, depressed, sick and tired of being sick and tired. We know there is better out there. We know our own potential, but we are too scared to go for it. We put too much thought on what others currently think of us. We are bringing past failures into out present. We seek validation from people who frankly…don’t care. We are too good for men and women who don’t want or deserve us. That stops now! It is time to once again, hit reset, and start fresh on a clean canvas. We are ready to shed this past year, we are ready to open our eyes and minds to who we are truly meant to be. Full of joy, love, and abundance. We are going for our dreams full force and without fear. Every obstacle or “failure” will be dust off our shoulders; a lesson to be learned, a bullet dodged, God’s Grace. We take care of ourselves spiritually, mentally, and physically. We say yes when we mean it, and No when we REALLY mean it.

We take charge of our lives, and lean on our friends, family and the most high when we feel a little lost. We do NOT default to our old toxic ways, whether in love, finances, friendships, etc. We seek help, and we find healthy ways to fight through. We are hydrated, glowing, beams of light. We are kind to one another (no matter where we come from), and we entertain what SERVES us, what UPLIFTS us, and LOVES us.

Happy 2019.

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