How to look put together on a budget!

If you love to express yourself through your clothes and makeup but you are living on a budget, have no fear! I have come up with a few tips to ensure that you look boujee on a budget. These tips are especially for those who buy clothes on a whim because they are currently in fashion, but quickly experience “buyers regret” a few months later when that trend has a died a quick and brutal death (remember those lace up bodysuits?? Yeah don’t do what I did: buy three).

Figure out what your look/style/aesthetic is

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Before you spend your hard earned cash on clothes you may not need, sit down and really think about what your “look” is. Is it boho chic? Hype bae? Model off duty? Basic? Edgy rocker? If you have an idea of what it is, go on websites such as or to get some style inspiration.

 Invest in good quality basics to last you a long while as opposed to buying cheaply made clothing that will only last you the year.

  • Sturdy pair of sneakers/boots
  • A simple but solid handbag/purse (pricey, but worth it)
  • Good quality jacket/sweater
  • Solid colour shirts/bodysuits (my current favourite is a simple long sleeve bodysuit)
  • Good quality pair of jeans

Find clothes that fit your figure properly

You’d be surprise the amount of gals that wear bras that are a) the wrong size b) not helping your figure at all. Walk into your nearest Victoria’s secret and get your gals measured. Make sure you also find clothes that are properly tailored/suit your body shape.

Make your hair and makeup the star of the show if your clothing doesn’t standout

Looking good on a budget may fall heavily on how you maintain your hair and makeup if you like to keep your clothes very simple. Invest in some good quality makeup or dupes at your nearest pharmacy/drugstore, as well as good makeup brushes. Take the time to find out your makeup style is by watching the plethora of makeup tutorials available on YouTube. The same goes for your hair, keep it clean, and well maintained. Trim those split ends when necessary, and touch up that hair dye!

 Nails Nails Nails

Your nails don’t have to be sporting acrylics every month, but make sure you fingers and toenails are always fresh. Invest in some good “no chip” nail polish and you are good to go! If you are not keen on nail polish, at the least keep them filed and neat, or add a clear top coat for extra shine.

Most importantly, be yourself! Don’t be afraid to re-invent your style or sticking to what you usually like. The point is to save your coin, but look great while doing it!


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