How to slay 2018!



It is that time of the year again! Where you reflect on the year passed, and you anticipate what the future holds. You start scrambling over things you loved about 2017, and things you absolutely hated. The good, the bad, and the ugly. You think you slacked on a few things that are important to you, but you also achieved small goals along the way. 2018 is THE year though. You feel it. You want to manifest your dream life and 2018 is the year to finally get your shit together! That ideal job, a new love interest (not your scumbag ex, or that fuckboy you’re hung up on) and a healthier, sexier you. Doubt immediately hits. Newsflash! You said this about previous years; wasn’t 2017 meant to be your year? You had little victories here and there but you were mostly plagued by drama, a job you hate, and a lack of motivation to work towards your actual dream life.


Baby steps. If you are anything like me, you are probably overwhelmed by the very act of thinking about your goals. You analyze every aspect of your life and wonder how in the HELL you are to reach stability and happiness in your career, lifestyle, love-life etc.  How do I start? I don’t have the money! All the good men are taken, Why do the bad things happen to me? Everyone my age is doing so well! Oop, another facebook engagement.


I’m learning that you have to:

  1. Reflect and write down aspects of yourself that you like, don’t like/want to change
  2. Have big goals but take little action steps towards said big goals
  3. Keep your goals to yourself!
  4. Practise self-love and self-care
  5. Practise Gratitude
  6. Act as if you already have your dream life!
  7. Have a great support system
  8. Have a great mindset- speak it into existence
  9. Accept that the journey may be long,hard and take unexpected turns but you WILL get there. Have fun during the process.


Write your goals for the year, or create a vision board. Take/plan small action steps almost everyday and try to make the process hassle-free. Make time for things and people that you love.  Dream big, work hard, and do it with love! Everything that is for you will fall into place.


Have a happy new year!





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