Pressure to be perfect: Instagram Models


The women pictured above are beautiful, fit, financially stable, successful, and Instagram famous. I religiously scroll through their pages to admire their style, Instagram aesthetics, and bodies of steel. At first it was a way for me to hit the gym,  however the visual motivation worked…for about a month. The scrolling slowly became obsessive; not of the celebrity-stalker-creep variety, but the “I want to look like her, I wish I had her boobs, butt, thighs, hair, lifestyle, financial freedom…” variety. For most women, this is typical behaviour; society has flooded us with messages to improve this! lose this! eat this! It takes A LOT of work to feel genuinely happy with what we are born with. The advent of social media has amplified this notion to the point where I feel impatient to reach certain goals and milestones. It has amplified the need to look a certain way, and to market and present my social media pages a certain way as well.

I’m 24 and still in school, I work 2 part-time jobs, and I have started to model on the side. These women are in their early to mid twenties and thriving. I obviously don’t have a microscopic view into their personal lives, but by the looks of it, they are living their dreams and passions (and looking damn good while doing so). A close friend had a similar issue; she would follow and almost idolize these social media giants only to feel even more insecure and de-motivated. She ended up unfollowing them and following pages that inspired her personal goals. I still follow these lovely ladies, but have toned down heavily on the comparing and whining. Everyone has their time, mine will come and like the old saying goes-enjoy and learn from your journey.

What are your thoughts on social media insecurities? Do you have any?



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  1. January 31, 2017 / 12:14 am

    Absolutely! I definitely understand where you’re coming from. I used to subscribe for encouragement as well, but once I noticed a change in my confidence level, I quickly stopped following. Heck, if I needed something from their page, I could just go to it. No need to have my feed constantly remind me of where I’m lacking.

    I think it all depends on how you view Instagram or your social media outlets in general. Instagram is sort of an art gallery; a collection of beautiful things. And social media itself is usually a collage of the best parts of you. So naturally, our imperfect minds are drawn to these people who are posting the best of what we want.

    To counter my social media insecurities, I had to drill this in my head:

    We all have something about our life that could appear beautiful and desirable by someone else. But its all in how we present those things, and if we even pay notice to them. I may not me built like an Instagram model but I’m surrounded by an abundance of laughter. Not everyone is so fortunate! Finding a way to capture that on camera is hard, but not doing so doesn’t make it less real. Once I understood this, I was able to face social media with less insecurities 🙂 . Great post Queen!

    • February 1, 2017 / 5:05 pm

      My word!!! that was so beautifully said! I had to stop and screenshot your response because it really resonated with me. It’s true, I tend to forget that Instagram is very much an outlet where people post the best version of themselves. I remember having to take a social media hiatus because I was so overwhelmed by everyone else’s progress in life; mine just felt stagnant. It’s so interesting how much social media has an impact on our value and self esteem! I used to scoff at the people who didn’t have a Facebook, Instagram etc. but I now understand why they didn’t bother! It can be so exhausting. Now that I want to take blogging a little seriously I want to use social media as a way to spread my passion and interests instead of making it a beauty contest! haha 🙂 Thanks again for reading and responding! You don’t know how much I truly appreciate it! Much love Queen!


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