28 things I’ve learned in 28 years

I recently turned 28 (all the Virgos in the house say ayyeeee), and during my birthday I like to reflect on the year that has passed with things I have learned, and things I would like to gladly forget. Here are 28 things I have learned in 28 years of living.

  1. A gallon of water a day will do wonders for your skin and weight loss
  2. When a man says he isn’t ready for a relationship, walk away (fast!)
  3. Implement a self-care routine at least once a week.
  4. Do not feel guilty for taking days off (even if you work from home!)
  5. You only need a handful of GOOD friends.
  6. Keep some parts of your life a mystery!
  7. Treat people how you would like to be treated (even if they don’t deserve it)
  8. Book annual check-ups with your doctor/gyno (even if you feel fine!).
  9. If a man wants you, he will make it clear without wasting your time.
  10. Always practice gratitude/meditation/prayer at least once a day.
  11. Believe in something bigger than yourself (you have help out there!)
  12. Self-love and knowing your boundaries will weed out the phonies.
  13. Work on your dreams every. single. day. Even if that just mean reading up or doing research.
  14. Spend time alone/go out alone!
  15. Your parents are growing up too. They have their own traumas.
  16. Stand your ground when people project their insecurities onto you.
  17. Become your own standard of beauty.
  18. You won’t be everyone’s cup of tea.
  19. Being miserable and negative literally ages you!
  20. Have one hobby you can make money from, and one passion hobby.
  21. Treat your body like a temple – don’t forget your fruits and veggies!
  22. Sugar is the devil.
  23. Watch out for friends that don’t seem excited if you get good news…
  24. Productive ruts happen, face them with grace. Rest and re-group!
  25. You don’t have to have it completely together by a certain age.
  26. Your strength is determined by how you react to bad situations.
  27. Save money and learn about investing $$
  28. Cook, dance, live -with love as your compass.

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