Keto? Pescatarian? Fitness updates for 2019

I’ve been trying my best to get back onto a fitness regimen that caters to my busy lifestyle and let me tell you, it is one of those things that I haven’t perfected yet. My weight yo-yos because of stress, slow metabolism, and binge like tendencies (eat well one week, eat my weight in food the next week…). This has led me to the decision to take my health and fitness more seriously, but making it so routine that it becomes painless.

I’m not new to fitness, sports, and nutrition. It is a big part of my life because I grew up on it. I played competitive Tennis, and I was on the track team. I wasn’t a nutrition junkie, but I never ate to the point where it caused issues such as inflammation, bloat and inevitable weight gain (Youth was on my side!). I’m 26 years old (a.k.a in my PRIME) and I want to take my fitness and nutrition to the next level. As I mentioned in previous posts, I have no trouble getting the courage to workout! I love it; it fends off any anxiety, and challenges me to get stronger. I. I’m a sucker for chocolate, pizza, cheese, pastries, warm- YEP I could go on and on.

I also have a history of breast fibroids, and for the past couple of years I’m experiencing UNNECESSARY joint pains and inflammation, while experiencing constant fatigue. The decision to remove red meat (and some dairy) completely from my diet is no easy one; I can do without red meat but I have chicken and beef almost four days a week, and whenever I eat out, meat is almost always included!

The keto diet worked for a while, but I still felt like the excess of cheese and meats did more harm to me than good. I felt full but lethargic, and working out was even more difficult on keto because there was no boost from the complex carbs that my body was used to. My goal is still fend off the starchy, processed carbs while leaning towards a more Mediterranean diet. I love chicken and seafood, so I find it the next best option. I will document my fitness journey which will include new recipes, and updates! Stay tuned!

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