Current TV and Book Favourites

After a stressful end to my last semester at school, I have had the time to revisit my book list and endless list of TV shows to get through. To reiterate, I’m not the week-to-week-staying-on-top-of-my-shows kind of gal; I find a show that interests me and the binge begins. It’s probably not the healthiest method, but I HATE cliffhangers as much as I hate pickles (and that’s saying a lot). The binge watching lifestyle comes with more cons than perks. I’m always the one that’s late to the party with episodes that are well over the expiration date for discussion and analyses “SO I’M ON SEASON FIVE OF GAME OF THRONES AND YEAH ARYA STARK JUST GOT ON THE SHIP WITH SOME SORT OF COIN”. This is usually met with long sigh, and questions about what was so important in my life to not be caught up (Are we on season 8 now? Who knows, not me).


Enter Black mirror -Yes I know, I’m very late to the party. The lights are out, the guests are on their way home, and the house is a shitstorm. However, I am thoroughly enamoured with this show to the point where after every episode I consult reddit forums and YouTube for unanswered questions, easter eggs, and deeper analyses. The show is thrilling and unapologetic when it comes to the dark side of technology and the potential it has to truly, and for the lack of a better phrase, fuck shit up. Black mirror also employs those gut-wrenching plot twists where you find yourself having an existential crisis at 3am (maybe that’s just me). The horror and thrill of Black mirror for me at least, lies in the eerie realization that the society and its technology, is not that far off from what we have and where we are now. Episodes such as “Shut up and dance” made me cover my webcam more than I would like to admit (I have nothing to hide by the way, I’m just paranoid). “Nosedive” is not as far fetched as it seems especially in our current social media/social status obsession. Overall it is dark, plagued with irony and beautiful cinematography. It is a must watch if you are into sci-fi, or just interested in a perspective of a society doomed by technologies and ideologies that were initially put into place to better our lives.


As for books, I am currently fangirling over Call me by your name by Andre Aciman. This book was released in 2007, but the 2017 film of the same name generated such positive reactions,I decided to read the book before going ahead with the film (Armie Hammer a.k.a dream daddy is also in the film, so I had to see what the fuss was about). The book chronicles a sudden and passionate romance between an Italian-American teenage boy (Elio) and a twenty-something American scholar (Oliver) in 1980’s Italy. I love it because Andre Aciman’s depictions of the Italian Riviera, and of Elio’s lust, passion and uncomfortability makes me want to a) add Liguaria to my travel bucketlist b) crave a cute but short lived summer romance. The almost routine depictions of main characters days (bike riding into town, going for a swim, hiking, playing tennis, going to Le Danzing) made me ache for a summer getaway in an isolated but enriching environment. I can’t wait to watch the film! There you have it, my May favourites.

What are some of yours?



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