December Favourites

December is the month where everyone (In North America at least), is winding down and preparing for Christmas. I am personally caught up with back to school all over again (thank you faculty strike!), Christmas shopping lists, and changing up my everyday routines. My current favourites are currently clothing purchases, new artists/songs that I’m absolutely enamoured with, video-games!


My personal style is evolving and I am currently obsessed with the “model off duty” look. It is timeless, simple, chic and easy to dress up or down. I recently bought a simple blue and white striped dress shirt from Uniqlo for around $30 to add an element of business chic to my wardrobe. I’m also really obsessed with turtlenecks this season and am inspired by late 60’s early 70’s looks where you pair a black or neutral coloured turtleneck with a nice slightly high waist mini-skirt and knee high boots.



My current music favourites are Daniel Caesar, H.E.R, and Sabrina Claudio. Each vary in themes and sound but they are very similar in genre. I’m loving the slow r’n’b vibes, melancholy vocals, with themes of love, loss, hope, beauty and lust. I would play one of these albums every morning while preparing for my day, or in the shower (my vocals included).




I don’t currently own a PS4 but a good friend of mine was kind enough to lend me his system for a couple of months before I finally purchase my own! I’ve been up to date with current games but I am loyal to my action adventure games. I’ve been playing uncharted 4, Rise of the Tomb Raider, and Uncharted lost Legacy. I’ve been a loyal Tomb Raider fan from it genesis, but have never touched an uncharted game because I thought

1. It was a direct copy of Tomb Raider and Indiana Jones

2. Nathan Drake as a character seemed archetypical; adventurous good looking white male doing awesome things and getting the girl in the end (BORING).

I was wrong. These games are so well thought out; the dialogues flow SO well, the graphics and landscapes are unparalleled, and each character is complex, and relatable. It also doesn’t help that I have a new found crush on Nathan Drake. (Uncharted 4 Nathan of course!)


What are your current favourites?



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