28 Day Fitness Program! (Fitazfk)


SO I am going to Paris at the end of the month, so why not lose some weight before I gain it all back by eating bread, bread, and MORE BREAD *squeals*. Summer is also around the corner in Canada, so fitness becomes a bigger priority for me. If you read some of my earlier blog posts, you will know that I’ve been on a weight loss journey since August 2016. My starting weight was a whopping 236lbs (or 107kg).  Note: I am 6’1 so I was able to wear it well, but at my heaviest, I began to feel and look very unhealthy.

I opted for my usual gym routine which consisted of 3-4 days of both strength training and cardio, but slowly realized that I was hitting a plateau and have been for a while. My current weight is 204lbs, and I’m just DYING to get out of the 200 pounds club. I know it’s just a number on the scale and it’s about how clothes fit, but a girl can dream.

My sister actually discovered the Fitazfk program through Youtube and Instagram bloggers and has made it her plan to get my mother and I on board! The program runs for 28 days and the workouts are just under 30 minutes.

There are 3 phases in the program:

-Cleanse (probably the most difficult phase)

-Re-instate and Engage

-Balanced Nutrition

I just finished Day 1 and I feel great! The meal options aren’t too scary, and the workouts have 3 levels so it is beginner friendly.

For more information go to their website: www.fitazfk.com

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  1. June 24, 2017 / 5:58 pm

    You look awesome girl and I’m on the same journey! The cleansing isn’t the hard part for me. But working out … 🙁 lol. I can’t bring myself to workout more than 2-3 times a week and sometimes I even skip weeks. smh. Your posts are motivating me today though because I’m going to bite the bullet and go workout in a few hours. I’m 5’3 and I weight around 155 right now. I see it mainly in my stomach, thighs and arms. I desperately want to turn to the side and not feel as if my arms are wider than my neck lol. I’m not too far away from my goal or “normal” weight of 145 but it feels like the closer you are to your goal, the harder it is to hit it! But you look great! I’m praying to see the curve of my obliques again, like yours lol.

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