Current TV favourites!

So school is out (even if it’s only for a week in my world) ,and I’ve been happily indulging in sleep, food, reading and Netflix. I am currently watching the Office and just finished the season finale of Scandal! Have to catch up on The Walking dead, Game of Thrones, Criminal minds, OITNB etc, etc. I know I know, Why am I so behind?? Well for one, I have a life. *ends blog post*

Just Kidding (but not really).

I am definitely a finish-a-season-in-one-day kind of gal. I’m never up-to-date with TV. I have school, a part time job, and now a few castings on the way! I especially need to catch up on the Game of Thrones; peeps of the internet think it ok to discuss #Hodor #Holdthedoor or the fact that “Sansa is so evil now omg”.

Alright so the Office……IS GENIUS. I constantly find myself hunched over in laughter or tears (I blame Jim and Pam). I’m only on season 6, but it is proving to be one of my favourite shows of all time. YEAH I SAID IT. I may be speaking to soon, but the mixture of well thought out puns/jokes, relatable characters, and the feeling that you are the overzealous camera-man, makes it a feel-good experience.

What are you current faves?


More TV talk later on,


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